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AS distribution by degree

A graph based on the data downloaded from CAIDA AS Relationships at 1st of July 2015. There exists 51260 ASs observed. This graph shows the current AS distribution by degree. Read more about Autonomous System. You may use the graph as you like!

Fake Microsoft Certificate for

Sometimes just asking politely makes your day. A few moments later, he had created the alias He decided to give the address a test run by trying to get a trusted certificate. To his surprise, Comodo issued the certificate, no questions asked. A Finnish man created this simple email...

The Certification Authority Authorization (CAA)

The Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) DNS Resource Record allows a DNS domain name holder to specify one or more Certification Authorities (CAs) authorized to issue certificates for that domain. How to check a domain's CAA record which is identified by a type257 DNS record: $ dig +short -t TYPE257

IPv6 Services Monitoring Tool (IPV6-SMT) update: Code now follows the HTTP redirect location if web server returns an HTTP redirect header.

IP to ASN Mapping

A useful service that enables you to query ASN for an IP address using whois database, DNS or over HTTP or HTTPS.