IPv6 Services Monitoring Tool (IPV6-SMT) update: Code now follows the HTTP redirect location if web server returns an HTTP redirect header. https://github.com/ULAKBIM/ipv6-smt

IP to ASN Mapping

A useful service that enables you to query ASN for an IP address using whois database, DNS or over HTTP or HTTPS. http://www.team-cymru.org/Services/ip-to-asn.html

Alexa Top 1 million websites

"You can download a free list of the top one million websites ranked by Alexa here. Note that this list is based on the 1 month average Traffic Rank, not the 3-month average traffic rank. The list is updated daily." says this page.

Sample netflow anonymisation script

In this post you will find a simple script once I used to anonymise netflow data. nfanon command, which is one of the nfdump tools, is deployed. nfanon is used to anonymise all IP addresses ( src, dst, next hop, router IP etc. ) in the netflow records using the...